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Movers and shakers in the Dutch financial world. Willem Vreeswijk carries the torch of a new financial world in which money serves humanity. He connects people in the financial world to discover new pathways towards a human and sustainable (financial) world. A network of progressive people in the Dutch financial world. Connected by the heart. The Forum publishes a magazine in with examples how beautiful money & life can be. They regularly gather and share there personal and business experiences to thrive together. The New Financial Forum foundation is a nursery of renewal and vitality in the financial sector. The Foundation's aim is to make the financial sector aware of its important function in society. The leading principle is recovery of confidence based on core values such as integrity, sustainability and resilience. The Forum combines, ideas, inspiration, power and best practices of positive people who make a real and substantial contribution to a healthy and socially relevant financial sector in society. Initiator Willem Vreeswijk: "I believe in people who co-create with love towards a better more human world."


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