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Transitionmaker. Improver (Lean Six Sigma MasterBlackBelt).


What is the essence of your organisation? And what kind of person do you want to be? What kind of society would we like to see? And how to combine these three dimensions (person, organisation and society) in one picture and discover sustainable solutions?

From 2007, I have been delivering value to organisations, for people who want to change in order to improve. People who are willing to look beyond next year’s shareholder meeting. From there it is a small step to new business models and purpose economy. This is where I come in.

Creativity together with my analytic and result driven approach are my main tools to improve organisations and processes. Years of experience combined with a good sense of humour, a positive spirit and perseverance.

I think the objective of change is to reach a ‘vital environment’. Vitality requires a setting in which citizens are satisfied, processes are optimised and people can work in flow. In short: everything thrives.

To reach a vital environment we need:
Development of people - without knowledge and insight, no one will move;
Act from a sustainable perspective – do not manage for short term profit;
Change is not happening on the drawing board – we need to get our hands dirty (sometimes literally);
Change happens when you find and solve root causes of the problems;
Compassion is the supercharger of passion and I love working in a setting where everyone likes his/her job (and who doesn’t?);


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