Dr. Jaap Hiddinga


Consultant for companies, governments and personal life questions. Author of 10+ books on consciousness, quantum physics and Scotland.

Jaap Hiddinga has lived in Scotland for more than 40 years. He studied quantum physics and chemistry. He received a revelation in 1993 that completely changed his life and thinking. He has an extensive experience as an independent entrepreneur and founded and successfully sold six companies, including a brewery and an engineering firm with about 150 employees at its peak. He has been writing books and consulting for personal growth and business development for some time. In addition, he gives advice on sustainable energy sources such as wind and sun. He has written many books. Published in the Edicola Publishing Fund: Transformation to new life; Beyond the illusion; Visions from the source; Buddha and the owl; The confused man; The source of life; The final step to consciousness; Sources of Inspiration, Wisdom Collected, Historic Scotland. Jaap has translated Ivo's book Louter Leven - If love speaks by people and economy for international publication in English. If you have any questions about the theme in his books, you can reach Jaap by email: jaap.hiddinga@btopenworld.com.


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