Bert Rorije

Bedenkt en ontwikkelt in co-creatie met ondernemers nieuwe betekenisvolle bedrijven en organisaties


Making people excel. Making organizations excel.

People and organizations often do themselves short. They often don’t get the most out of what’s in there. People have so many more talents and resources than they even realize.

Trying to identify the issues that keep people and organizations small and trying to clear the way for them to excel is basically what I do.

I commit myself to this process with all my effort and resources in the form of talent, know-how and experience. With heart and soul.

Specialties: Working on the cutting edge of creation, strategy and coaching.

Co-designer Total Branding method. Total Branding is an approach in which opportunities in the field of (business)strategy, Human Resources, (marketing)communication and innovation are dealt with in an integrated manner.


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