How would Alberta look in terms of its progress towards the 17 Sustainable Development Goals?

Alberta is Canada's "energy province", home to over 4 million people, and growing quickly. The bulk of this population resides in Alberta’s two largest cities: Edmonton, which serves as the provincial capital, and Calgary. Each have a population of over one million residents. Mark Anielski is a wellbeing economist, living in Alberta, connected to the global network of New Financial Consultancy. He is specialized in measuring Wellbeing impacts of government programs and services and budgeting including procurement policies of governments. Mark is also a member of the international Wellbeing Economic Alliance (WEALL) network which is headquartered in Scotland. He is the author of The Economics of Happiness: Building Genuine Wealth (2007) and An Economy of Well-Being: Common Sense Tools for Building Genuine Wealth and Happiness (2018). He is a former adjunct professor of corporate social responsibility and business ethics at the school of business at the University of Alberta. He lives in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.

In advance of his update on the Alberta Genuine Progress Indicators (1970-2020) here is his use of a selection of the GPIs for Alberta through the lens of the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

The indicators are revealing and should shape an important conversation in a post-Covid economy as we transition from a pure-growth economic model (measured only by rising levels of GDP, more materialism and consumption) to an economy oriented towards improving the conditions of well-being (what the word 'wealth' actually means in the 13th Century Old English) for all.

What Mark is doing for Alberta could also be done for your organization, your community or country. Would you like to exchange ideas about this? Please do not hesitate to contact Mark Anielski or one of the consultants of the New Financial Consultancy.