What would you like to activate?

We always have a holistic and problem-solving approach. Our first step in every activation process is to identify the main and current challenges and to work towards their solution. We take the latest quantum science seriously in practice and know that everything is connected to everything. Not as a metaphor, but in reality. For each challenge we need to look at the information field of all people and matter involved. A CEO in a unhappy marriage or major private concerns on the mind won't be so effective to run the organization. The entrepreneur or employee is first of all a human being. A so called 'business problem' might be the result of a problem in the private area, in relationship difficulties, problems regarding the children, etc. We consider to always deal with humans first, and take all areas of life into consideration.

Our global network of activators counts the best minds, hearts and hands from all sectors in the new economy. All practical people, knowing that doing makes the real difference. All creating consciousness to create a better world. Without losing eye for the current reality of this three dimensional reality. Without forgetting the role of financial economic structures in the world of today. They built bridges between the reality of today and a new reality of tomorrow. You may call them indeed the crazy ones, the misfits, the rebels, the troublemakers, the round pegs in the square holes … so, if we work together ... 


Where do you want to make the difference? What is it what you would like to create?

Which activation you are after? You might not believe it, however our biggest challenge often isn't to support you in realizing your ideas and dealing with the challenges. Instead to discover how we can determine the focus of supporting you. What is it that you really want. That's why we take time to go in depth to discover what it is that brings you to us. We won't forget to touch all that is urgent to accomplish and love to explore what kind of results you are looking for overall for our time together.

So don't worry about the question if we have enough knowledge, experience or wisdom in our enablers network, if we won't we will tell you honestly. Often the right people are only a few phone calls away at the most ... 

Our top 20 Activation fields are related to:

  1. Organizational analysis and optimization

  2. Brand- and Productdesign

  3. Holistic Personal Development

  4. Money, Finance & Liquidity

  5. Human Resources

  6. Health & Wealth for People and Organization

  7. Social innovation

  8. Marketing & Sales

  9. Communication

  10. Idea Realization

  11. Asset Management

  12. Operations

  13. Strategy

  14. Ecology & Sustainibility

  15. Well-being 

  16. Leadership & Management

  17. Transformation

  18. Acceleration

  19. Decision-making

  20. Coaching and Training


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